LONGi announces the "Lighthouse Project" to expand the agile intelligent manufacturing to more of its own production bases across the globe

2024/5/28 23:14:28

JIAXING, China, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 23rd, LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "LONGi "), a global leader in solar technology, officially announced the "Lighthouse Project", which will continue to rapidly expand the agile intelligent manufacturing model of LONGi's Jiaxing Lighthouse Factory to more production and manufacturing bases, achieving a comprehensive upgrade of production intelligent manufacturing capabilities. This sets a digitalization benchmark for high-quality development in the PV industry and leads the way forward.

LONGi announces the “Lighthouse Project” to expand the agile intelligent manufacturing to more of its own production bases across the globe
LONGi announces the “Lighthouse Project” to expand the agile intelligent manufacturing to more of its own production bases across the globe

The first "Lighthouse Factory" in the global PV industry – LONGi's Jiaxing Production Base, lifted the mysterious veil for the public. An experience group composed of industry experts, customer representatives, and media journalists became the first visitors to LONGi's Jiaxing Lighthouse Factory, immersing themselves in the production line and experiencing the charm of "Lighthouse Factory" intelligent manufacturing.

Established in 2020, LONGi's Jiaxing Production Base mainly produces LONGi's BC (Back-Contact) series of high-efficiency solar modules. It has Phase I, II, and III factories, covering a total area of more than 1,300 acres, with 51 intelligent production lines and an overall module production capacity exceeding 35GW, making it one of the largest industrial clusters in the industry.

On December 14, 2023, the World Economic Forum (WEF) released a new batch of "Lighthouse Network" lists, and LONGi's Jiaxing Production Base was the only factory in the global PV industry to be included. This signifies that LONGi's achievements in intelligent manufacturing and digitalization are leading globally, becoming a representative of advanced manufacturing, and the first global "Lighthouse Factory" in the PV industry has attracted much attention.

During this close-up experience at LONGi's Jiaxing Lighthouse Factory, all members of the experience group expressed their shock and unprecedentedly felt the disruptive upgrade of AI intelligence to traditional industry. The innovation of LONGi's Jiaxing Lighthouse Factory is not only in the transformation of production line automation and intelligence but also in the reconstruction of production relations. AI intelligence has become the brain of production management, continuously innovating autonomously based on big data models, achieving a truly meaningful intelligent manufacturing upgrade and self-driving force, and safeguarding quality and efficiency.

LONGi's Jiaxing Lighthouse Factory has built over 30 digital use cases, achieving a 43% increase in product quality reliability, an 84% reduction in product production and delivery cycle, and a 20% reduction in overall unit energy consumption at the base, becoming a model of high-quality development in the photovoltaic industry.

LONGi announces the “Lighthouse Project” to expand the agile intelligent manufacturing to more of its own production bases across the globe
LONGi announces the “Lighthouse Project” to expand the agile intelligent manufacturing to more of its own production bases across the globe

The most core aspect of LONGi's Jiaxing Lighthouse Factory is the five major coolest technologies. AI intelligent distribution of solar cells realizes precise delivery of customer needs, ensuring efficient production by intelligently optimizing daily production plans. More flexible automation in production ensures the standardization of each link in the module production process, fully meeting the customized scene requirements of customers. AI quality inspection throughout the entire life cycle of product production leaves no place for quality hazards, ensuring the quality of the product is as solid as a rock. The end-to-end delivery system has reconstructed the intelligent management of order production and delivery cycles, achieving rapid and high-quality satisfaction of customer product needs. Intelligent human resource management has greatly improved production efficiency while enhancing the innovation of employees, transforming each excellent skill and experience into data, continuously optimizing skills and management autonomously, ensuring the optimal arrangement of order demands and human resources, and effectively guaranteeing high-quality product output.

The combination of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud platforms, and industrial muscles is the four elements that make LONGi's Jiaxing Lighthouse Factory successful, and also the core of LONGi's intelligent manufacturing. LONGi's BC (Back-Contact) full-scene products have also reached a new level under the support of LONGi's intelligent manufacturing. The reason why TaiRay silicon wafers, HPBC2.0, Hi-MO 9, Hi-MO X6 Max, and other major products have concentrated on explosions this year is due to LONGi's intelligent manufacturing's absolute satisfaction in understanding customer needs.

LONGi's Vice President Zhang Haimeng said in his keynote speech: Since the official announcement of BC (Back-Contact) technology last September, LONGi has released multiple new scene-based module products. Whether it is anti-dust accumulation or heat and humidity resistance, the core purpose is to meet the customized needs of customers through differentiated innovation. All of this is inseparable from the confidence in production strength brought by LONGi's intelligent manufacturing, and it is also the strong support of LONGi's intelligent manufacturing that has truly implemented "customer-centric."

During the panel session of the day, Hu Zhifeng, Head of Intelligent Manufacturing Department, Module Manufacturing Center of LONGi, revealed that the newly launched Hi-MO X6 Max modules will be officially put into production at LONGi's Jiaxing Lighthouse Factory in the near future. With the help of digital and intelligent means, product quality is improved, and energy consumption is reduced. "Use the most advanced production technology to achieve the highest level of technical products and create higher value for customers."

LONGi has always adhered to the core value of customer value, providing customers with high-value and reliable products as its own responsibility, continuously exploring new paths for the clean energy industry, from efficiency research and development to product and solution scenario, from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing driven by digitalization, step by step towards a green energy world, leading the global energy transition with LONGi's intelligent manufacturing.

About LONGi

Founded in 2000, LONGi is committed to being the world's leading solar technology company, focusing on customer-driven value creation for full scenario energy transformation.

Under its mission of 'making the best of solar energy to build a green world', LONGi has dedicated itself to technology innovation and established five business sectors, covering mono silicon wafers cells and modules, commercial & industrial distributed solar solutions, green energy solutions and hydrogen equipment. The company has honed its capabilities to provide green energy and has more recently, also embraced green hydrogen products and solutions to support global zero carbon development.